COMfortel® D-600

High-level design – COMfortel D-600, the premium SIP device

COMfortel® D-400

Office or home office – the COMfortel D-400 SIP phone is the professional choice

COMfortel® D-210

Professional SIP-Phone  –  amazing range of premium functions despite almost entry-level price

COMfortel® D-110

Entry level terminal with professional feature set that quickly proves its worth in demanding everyday use

COMfortel® C-400

Professional IP conference telephone with four wireless microphones, for small, medium and large meeting rooms

COMfortel® 2600 IP

Android™-based hybrid VoIP telephone (SIP and IP system phone), with 4.3" colour touch display and preconfigured answering machine

COMfortel® 1400 IP

Android™-based hybrid VoIP telephone (SIP and IP system phone), with 3.5" colour touch display and optional answering machine

COMfortel® M-730

The tough one: designed for challenging working environments

COMfortel® M-720

The elegant one: compact, well-designed, and powerful

COMfortel® M-710

The versatile one: full featured at an unbeatable price. The ideal entry.


COMfortel® WS-500M

One device, all scenarios: the WS-500M DECT multi-cell system ensures seamless mobile communication

COMfortel® WS-500S

The single-cell IP DECT system that can handle so much more when needed

COMfortel® 2600

ISDN system telephone with multi-level control, TFT colour display with touch function and USB port for PC connection

COMfortel® 1600

ISDN system phone with backlit monochrome touch display and individually programmable function keys

COMfortel® 1400

Feature phone with excellent acoustic properties and a 3.5 inch touch function colour display

COMfortel® 1200

Life can be so easy – Professional ISDN system telephone with illuminated display and function keys

COMfortel® 600

Attractively designed, versatile analogue phone with contrasting display and speed dialling keys

COMtrexx® Business

Large ICT all-rounder with traditional interfaces and new COMtrexx firmware and up to 150 users

COMtrexx® VM

Hardware independent soft PBX solution with up to 250 users and up to 250 parallel calls per system

COMtrexx® Advanced

Ultimate performance COMtrexx Appliance 

COMmander® 6000RX

Fully modular ISDN/VoIP communication server for 19" racks; up to 38 exchange line channels and 112 subscribers, 15 module slots

COMmander® 6000R

Fully modular ISDN/VoIP communication server for 19" racks; up to 38 exchange line channels and 112 subscribers, 5 module slots

COMpact 5500R

Fully modular, expandable VoIP device for 19" racks with up to 32 channels to service provider and 112 subscribers

COMpact 5200R

Fully modular rack-mounted VoIP communications server with up to 20 channels to service provider, 50 subscribers max. and 5 slots

COMpact 5200

Fully modular wall-mounted VoIP communications server with up to 20 channels to the service provider, 50 subscribers max. and 5 slots

COMpact 4000

Semi-modular, wall-mounted compact VoIP ICT system; 10 channels to the service provider and 16 subscribers max., 2 expansion slots

COMpact 3000 ISDN

Compact ICT system with up to 4 external lines (via ISDN), up to 8 subscribers (ISDN, IP, analogue) and ability to expand by one ISDN port or 2 …


All-in-one telephone system from the cloud.
Upgradeable at any time, freely scalable and expandable with various add-ons

COMuniq Voice

Benefit from individual cloud services as an upgrade for existing IP telephone systems. SIP trunk, FMC Connect, e-Fax and Meeting 25 stand alone. Can …

PBX Manager

Application to control and configure a FONtevo ICT system

COMfortel® Mobile Business

FMC application for mobile use of your business calling number

COMfortel® SoftPhone

Softphone and messaging solution with mobile and secure connection to COMtrexx and COMpact ICT systems

PBX Call Assist 4

Unified communications solution with CTI, presence management and instant messaging

TFS-Dialog 400 series

Elegantly designed door intercom system for maximum operating comfort

TFS-Dialog 300 series

Stainless steel door phone system designed for analogue interfaces – it is not only its design that shines

TFS-Dialog 200 series

Door intercom system designed for analogue interfaces –
 an elegant calling card for visitors

TFS-Universal plus

Multi-functional door terminal system for installation in existing door terminal and letter box systems; operates on a ICT system's analogue port

COMfortel® Xtension300

Add-on module for the COMfortel 2600, 2600 IP, 3200, 3500 and 3600 IP telephones with 30 freely programmable function keys

COMfortel H-500

Professional wireless headset for comfortable freedom of movement with highest sound quality

COMfortel® H-200

Minimalist design with professional sound

COMfortel® D-Stick EZC-5200BS

Bluetooth extension for the COMfortel® D-400

COMfortel® D-XT20i

Scalable extension – Maximum variety in business communications


Overvoltage protection module for effective protection of traditional telecommunications connections


Overvoltage protection module for effective protection of All-IP telecommunications connections

COMfortel® PoE-100

PoE feed-in adapter complies for supplying power to PoE-enabled IP devices using the Fast Ethernet connection

COMfortel® PoE-1000

PoE feed-in adapter for supplying power to PoE-enabled IP end devices via the Gigabit Ethernet connection


Adapter for connecting a loudspeaker system to an analogue extension connection of an ICT system

COMfortel® D-Mount

Wallmount for phones of the COMfortel® D series

COMfortel® D-XT-PS

Plug-in power supply for the power supply of the second and third key extension module

COMfortel® XT-PS

Plug-in power supply for the supply of the key extension module COMfortel® Xtension300

a/b Switching Module

Switching module for door bell, door opener and light system control via 2-wire analogue line, for TFS-Dialog 200/300/400 and TFS-Universal plus


Adapter for connecting 4-wire or FTZ door phones to an analogue port of modern ICT systems

Weather protection cover large

Perfect protection against weather conditions

Weather protection cover smal

Perfect protection against weather conditions

COMpact ISDN Module

Extension for COMpact 3000 by a variable ISDN port for internal and external connection of ISDN devices

COMpact S0 Module

Adds one internal S0 port to COMpact 3000

COMpact 2a/b Module

Expansion for COMpact 3000 with two internal analogue ports for analogue terminals

COMpact 2BRI Module

Expansion module for COMpact systems with two variable ISDN ports (external/internal)

COMpact 4FXS Module

Expansion module for COMpact systems as well asl COMtrexx Business with four additional analogue extensions.

COMpact 2FXO Module

Expansion module for COMpact systems with two analogue trunk lines including fax switch (active/passive)

COMpact NET Module

Expansion for COMpact 5200/5200R/5500R and COMtrexx Business with a second Ethernet interface

COMmander® 8/16VoIP-R Module

8 or 16 VoIP additional voice channels for COMmander 6000R/RX

COMmander® S2M-R Module

Extension module for connecting the COMmander 6000R/RX to a primary multiplex interface (S2M)

COMmander® 8UP0-R Module

Extension module with 8 UP0 ports for a 2-wire system to ISDN end device connection for COMmander 6000R/RX

COMmander® 8S0-R Module

Extension to add 8 S0 ports: 4 switchable (internal/external), 4 fixed internal S0 ports for COMmander 6000R/RX

COMmander® 4S0-R Module

Extension module with 4 switchable (internal/external) S0 ports for COMmander 6000R/RX

COMmander® 8a/b-R Module

Expansion module with 8 additional analogue extensions for COMmander 6000R/RX

COMmander® VMF-R Module

Central 8-channel voicemail and fax system with up to 120 voicemail and 120 fax boxes for COMmander 6000R/RX

COMmander® 2TSM-R Module

Expansion module with door terminal, switching and audio functions for COMmander 6000R/RX

COMmander® 6000R Xtension

Expansion the COMmander 6000R with 10 additional system slots and an additional power supply to ensure the support of 15 expansion modules and the …

Sales Configurator (SC)

- the easy way to the right system

Customer requirements for communication solutions are constantly increasing and with them the complexity and scalability of ITC systems. Project planning therefore takes up more and more time. Here, the free Sales Configurator offers a simple and fast solution. It gives you the opportunity to efficiently plan communication solutions and create project planning proposals.

Sales Configurator (SC)