COMfortel® 1600

Distinctive Practice Orientation

If you need a highly functional, ergonomic and feature-rich ISDN system telephone, the COMfortel 1600 offers a variety of business functions and benefits from a tiltable touchscreen display, intelligent menus up to programmable function keys.

A New Level of Operating Comfort

The COMfortel 1600 ensures the easiest control for a system ISDN phone.

With features such as intelligent menu controls or the ability to easily add 1,600 contacts, provides businesses of all size with a range of features that complement the exceptional call quality of this ISDN system phone.

When connected to an Auerswald PBX system, the phone doesn’t require a separate power supply.

The COMfortel 1600 also comes with a range of energy-saving features such as intelligent power management which automatically switches off the display lighting when not in use, making this an exceptional phone for the energy conscious business.

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Best Practice

Telecommunication solutions for authorities and administration – Municipal administration

Making the tasks of authorities and administration easier

Employees: 132

"As is well known, authorities bear a particular responsibility when it comes to equipment procurement. Therefore, we placed great emphasis on sustainability and long-term cost reduction through VoIP and process optimisation during our call for tender for a communication system, i.e. we wanted to …

Martin S. Deputy Head

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Customer requirements for communication solutions are constantly increasing and with them the complexity and scalability of ITC systems. Project planning therefore takes up more and more time. Here, the free Sales Configurator offers a simple and fast solution. It gives you the opportunity to efficiently plan communication solutions and create project planning proposals.

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