COMfortel® H-200

Conspicuously inconspicuous

The COMfortel H-200 offers maximum wearing comfort with easy handling and is equipped with modern technology that ensures the best sound characteristics. It can be used universally on telephones and PCs.

Better sound – better talks – better business

Super-light, comfortable, best sound and easy to use - these are the components that make up the perfect headset for everyday business. With the headset COMfortel H-200 you not only have both hands free when making phone calls or in video conferences, but also when working with your PC as usual. You will noticeably reduce neck pain and tension - an important aspect especially for frequent callers.

The adjustable headband and the various ear pads ensure that the headset is hardly noticeable when worn. It is only during a conversation that it comes to the fore again and shows that it has a lot to offer from the technical side as well: Ambient noise suppression, sound level limitation and a balanced sound spectrum from low to high tones create a pleasant communication experience at all times.

If you want to get away from your desk, the Quick Disconnect cable ensures that your call is held until you return and connect. The COMfortel H-200 can be used universally on many desk telephones and PCs thanks to the various connection cables and adapters.

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