Career at Auerswald

Digitization, internationalization and new innovative product lines - Auerswald is in the middle of the process of enhancing their solutions from a key player in an established industry, to a specialist in ICT based communication soltions. For this we need committed and agile new members, with fresh ideas and drive across the whole company, and to become part of the Auerswald family. Team players who want to realize themselves in our transformation process and who want to actively help shape the new Auerswald image are the key to the furture of the business. If this is you - the we are looking for you!

Auerswald - the future giver

When is a job sustainable?

One thing is certain, modern technical equipment alone is not enough to make a business succeed. You also need a healthy corporate culture with innovative forms of collaboration and work place organization.

The model project “Attractive employer” rewards employers with the seal of the future who are seriously concerned with these issues.

Since 2017, Allianz has awarded the Region GmbH seal of approval to small and medium-sized companies in the region. The award certifies the employers' attractive employment conditions. Prerequisite is participation in at least four workshops in the “Attractive employer” event series, setting up a career page and publication of the attractive working conditions.


You can find more information on the model project "Attractive employer" on the website