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Auerswald - the name for IP telephony

Of course, Auerswald has long been focused towards All-IP and the upcoming Unified COmmunication generation. Our ICT systems have the future standard IPv6 already built in and ready to go. It is crucial, however, that they can be enahnced to keep pace with your future businesses needs.

Driving new ideas is, so to speak, part of our DNA. That is why we will continue to come up with solutions in the future that uses technology to provide services, solutions and benefits that can really help shape our customers businesses, and continously provide a reliable and effective solution.

Auerswald has always given priority to environmental protection - out of conviction. Sustainability is the most efficient way to protect your investment.


At Auerswald, not only the products deserve a seal of quality. All corporate divisions are committed to this term. A very efficient and successfully operating quality management ensures that all goals - from the supply chain through production and delivery to the support of our many specialist retail partners - are based on the 100 percent mark. All to our and your satisfaction!


Career with Auerswald

Digitisation, internationalisation and new innovative product lines

Digitisation, internationalisation and new innovative product lines - Auerswald is in the middle of the change process from a key player in an established industry to a specialist in IT-based communication. For this we need fresh ideas in all areas of the company, committed and agile new members in the Auerswald family - team players who want to realise themselves in our transformation process and who want to actively help shape the new Auerswald image. In a nutshell: We are looking for you!

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Knowing today what will inspire people tomorrow - that is our claim. Innovations are of little value if they lead to a dead end or soon have to make room for the next innovation. Driving forward really useful ideas is, so to speak, part of our DNA. Therefore, we will always come up with solutions that have never existed before, that work reliably and reflect the real needs of users.


Rarely has a key term been overused like this. Actually a shame, because what is lived at Auerswald every day serves without exception customer satisfaction, longevity, investment protection and, last but not least, the environment. Products that are not only made in the best manufacturing quality, but are always kept fresh through retrofitting and updates, are omnipresent evidence of how seriously we take this word.

Did you know?

A number of important fossils have been discovered in a former oil shale quarry about 2 km away from the company. Excavations are still taking place here today. https://geopunkt-schandelah.de

Christian Auerswald

Chief Executive Officer

Continuity is by no means a matter of course in a family-run company. However, the fact that Gerhard Auerswald shares the management with his son Christian shows a certain tradition: taking responsibility early is in the family - already in the third generation.

Especially in times of globalization, it is anything but provincial to consistently rely on in-house production - it is a well-considered decision that can even make commercial sense. Quality and availability can simply be better controlled.

Gerhard Auerswald

chief Executive Officer

No matter how many ideas you have, they can hardly be implemented without a capable team. Young talent is therefore open to all at Auerswald, and our qualification program is impressive.

From development to production to service, everything is done in-house at Auerswald. A good decision because linking the individual areas enables smooth processes and fast reaction times.

We are family

For many, the most important thing in life: the family. It means security, common ground, stability and gives the feeling of belonging together. Those who enjoy the support of their family can develop better and benefit from the advantages of a strong community. This applies to the members of the Auerswald team as well as to our partners in retail. And as in every intact family, we are always open to requests and suggestions. After all, we are responsible for a harmonious coexistence.


Clever Blog

Interesting new lighting, opinions captured and a look outside the box - a visit to the Auerswald Clever Blog is always worthwhile. Many articles do not necessarily focus on Auerswald, but also focus on general technological topics and interesting specials from the IT and telecommunications world. And to round it off, valuable tips and tricks for everyday technical life are mixed in.

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Partnerships are only worth something if both sides are satisfied - a well-known business wisdom that we use in all areas of the company. Delivery partners, development partners, marketing partners, trading partners, service partners - with us these are not emotionless relationships. Cooperating with Auerswald means achieving goals together, being better tomorrow together than today.

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A well-known quote says: Do good and talk about it. But even if we inform ourselves about what Auerswald does, what new products are successful and how we present ourselves as a company and employer, the best evidence of our success is the many public recognitions. These awards from the daily and business press, from specialist media and official bodies always make us a little proud that we have done good things that others also talk about.



We are proud to look back on 60 years of company history. As so often, it all started in a garage. Not with telecommunications, especially not with IT, but with smart electronics solutions. Since the birth of the ISDN, we have always been at the forefront as a telecommunications specialist, of course with products and ideas that the market did not know. IT migration and finally digital transformation have challenged us particularly in the last decade - a task that we have accepted with conviction.



While it was primarily the print media in the past, more and more online news portals are now spreading the latest information from many specialist areas. Auerswald prepares all news in its own press portal and makes it available to the editors here. Nothing is left to chance.

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