TFS-Dialog 400 series

Hightech with minimalist design

A flat, continuous glass front with sensor buttons, behind it well protected and invisible loudspeaker and microphone, surrounding LEDs for indirect ambient lighting - the door intercom system TFS-Dialog 400 shines with a particularly elegant appearance and an unusually large function package with astonishing finesse.

Elegance and cleverness at the front door

Built for the analog connection (a / b port) of an ITK system, the TFS-Dialog 400 door intercom system can be installed in no time at all and programmed using the app. In addition to the elegant and high-quality safety glass front, the securely mounted loudspeakers and microphone, the white LED ambient lighting and the overall pleasantly flat design, the system offers a wealth of technical delicacies.

Instead of mechanical keys, an illuminated sensor field acts in the center of the front, which not only represents the configurable bell buttons, but also functions as a number field for the code lock. Whether in summer or winter, when it is wet or dry, operated with bare fingers or gloves - it reliably obeys every “key press”.

When it comes to speech intelligibility, the audio electronics are among the best that the market has to offer, even in difficult environmental situations. The intelligent door opening detection interrupts the ringing and the additional switching options for door openers and any electrical devices make the door intercom system a small “command center”.

Looking for more technical specs?

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