COMpact 5500R

Fully modular VoIP appliance for more efficient communication processes

With the COMpact 5500R, you are originally equipped for everyday business - now and in the future.

The fully modular architecture with 80 IP channels and all the functions of a large ITC server allows up to 112 subscribers and thus scales with your company.

Continuous maintanance and expansion of the system software makes this versatile IP server a future-proof investment in any business communication.

The smart solution for growing needs

The COMpact 5500R is as ambitious as its users and leaves nothing to be desired: a flexible VoIP appliance that meets the requirements of a small start-up as well as the complex needs of an established company.

By the way, Auerswald IP system telephones set up themselves almost automatically on the COMpact 5500R – it doesn't get any faster or easier. This way, the practical system functions can be used to their full extent and company-internal processes can be streamlined.

Particularly interesting for hotels: all important basic functions such as check-in, check-out with printout of the call data or wake-up calls are already integrated. Same with healthcare: the integration into the daily workflow is easy to realise. This means low acquisition and operating costs but full performance.

The COMpact 5500R is also an ecological trendsetter: thanks to its low energy consumption and long service life, you not only save money but also contribute to climate protection.


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