Partnerships are only worth something if both sides are satisfied - a well-known business wisdom that we use in all areas of the company. Delivery partners, development partners, marketing partners, trading partners, service partners - with us these are not emotionless relationships. Cooperating with Auerswald means achieving goals together, being better tomorrow together than today.

Application partner

Optimal extensions for Auerswald products

On this page we present software, hardware and services that increase the utility or performance of our products, and can optimally complement them or that are already part of our solutions and services. The products listed here have been tested by us, so their mention is to be understood as a recommendation. We do not provide technical support for tehse services but can direct you to teh right area within their business.

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Certifications and approvals for Auerswald ITK systems

The SIP trunk connections / Centrex solutions of the following providers have been tested and certified with regard to functionality in connection with IT systems and COMfortel IP telephones from Auerswald.

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Technology partner

Perfect additions for Auerswald ITK systems

The interaction of Auerswald ITK systems and COMfortel devices with the products and services of our technology partners enables high-performance special solutions to be implemented. Compatibility with the common standards is the basic requirement for connecting different systems, but only special adaptations ensure the optimization of the overall system.

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