Certifications and approvals for Auerswald ITK systems

The SIP trunk connections / Centrex solutions of the following providers have been tested and certified with regard to functionality in connection with IT systems and COMfortel IP telephones from Auerswald.

ansit-com GmbH, Berlin

With ansitline, ansit-com GmbH offers powerful and flexible SIP trunks for business customers that can be expanded easily and inexpensively. With short contract terms, affordable call rates and excellent service, ansitline is an excellent alternative to traditional telephony. ansit-com is a manufacturer of flexible IP-based telephony solutions for small and medium-sized companies.

autphone GmbH

autphone is a national provider of communication services that provides integrated communication and collaboration solutions for business customers from 1 to over 1,000 employees. Our solutions combine different voice and video networks, networked devices and applications on a single, easy-to-use platform that enables teams to have a comprehensive and efficient exchange - anytime, anywhere. This changes the way companies communicate and work together - team performance is increased, business is stimulated, employee satisfaction is increased and business performance is improved.

Our aim is always to listen to our customers and partners in order to efficiently and purposefully achieve common goals. It is always important for us to maintain a good and personal partnership, be it regional or across Germany.

Deutsche Telefon Standard AG, Mainz

Auerswald and Deutsche Telefon work closely together on the Centrex solution for the operation of ITK systems on SIP trunk connections and IP telephones. Both the COMpact 5000 and the COMmander 6000 are certified for operation on the SIP trunk, the direct-dial IP system connections, and thus offer first-class support for the "CentrexX" pro-product.

DNS:NET Internet Service GmbH

DNS: NET Internet Service GmbH was founded in Brandenburg in 1998 and is one of the full-service network operators in Germany with a focus on business activities in Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt. The service portfolio covers the entire spectrum of data center services and IP-based services for business customers as well as telephone, internet and TV connections for private customers. The DNS: NET operates its own communication network for telephony. As a result, it is able to offer business customers tried-and-tested and practical communication solutions.

Did you know?

In spring 1994 the MAZ company was the first profit-oriented internet provider. It was the beginning of the commercialization of the Internet and could not be stopped.

easybell GmbH, Berlin

With its SIP trunks, easybell offers solutions for both business customers and private users. The SIP trunks were successfully certified with the Auerswald IT systems COMpact 4000/5000 / 5000R and the COMmander 6000 series. The best customer loyalty is satisfied customers. Therefore, easybell waives minimum contract terms and offers simple products without pitfalls. With over 500,000 customers, the easybell group is one of the fastest growing telecommunications companies in Germany.

ecotel communication AG, Düsseldorf

As an innovative and dynamic IT and telecommunications company, ecotel is one of the leading medium-sized providers in Germany with over 18,000 business customers. Unconventional ideas and customer-oriented solutions have been the basis for their success for over 18 years. The ecotel services are "Made in Germany" and have already been awarded several times with the renowned INNOVATIONSPREIS IT. They offer an integrated portfolio of voice and data solutions. Every day, more than 270 employees make ecotel what it is: a strong partner for medium-sized companies.

equada GmbH, Alzenau

The equada VOIP trunk optimally complements your Auerswald COMpact telephone system. With certification from Auerswald, you can be sure that your telephone system will harmonize perfectly with the equada trunk. You can use the diverse features such as German and international numbers, individual numbers, number blocks, flat rates, CLIP-no-screening and emergency forwarding with your Auerswald ITK system. In order to comply with a first-class service, equada operates its own telephone and IP network, which is redundantly linked to other network operators.

HFO Telecom AG, Hof

HFO Telecom AG, based in Hof, is an innovative telecommunications company and offers customer-specific and highly professional communication solutions. With a complete range of telephony and Internet products as well as competent advice and support, HFO Telecom is the high-service partner for companies and private customers. HFO Telecom covers many areas of the telecommunications sector and is therefore successful nationwide. We offer professional communication solutions from a single source.

htp GmbH

Htp GmbH is a telecommunications service provider for the greater Hanover, Hildesheim, Braunschweig, Peine and Wolfenbüttel area. The company offers its more than 100,000 customers everything from a single source: from Internet connections with different bandwidths, mobile and landline connections to high-quality solutions for business customers.

Inexio KGaA, Saarlouis

Since it was founded in 2007, inexio KGaA has built its own telecommunications infrastructure with more than 5,500 kilometers of the most modern fiber optic cable. Private end customers and commercial customers - from corporations to medium-sized companies - trust in the powerful range from inexio. The portfolio of inexio is rounded off by the complete range of IT services, from the conception to the construction to the operation of IT and Internet solutions. The VoIP connections from inexio are certified on the IT systems of Auerswald.

IP Austria Communication GmbH, Wien

As the first European premium SIP carrier with its own switching network, IP Austria Communication has had extensive experience in the area of SIP trunking since 2000. One of the regional Auerswald / IPAustria competence partners is also nearby! IP Austria offers regional numbers, value-added and freephone numbers from 54 countries, including attractive tariffs.
In addition to reliability and voice quality, the focus is on comprehensive fraud management in order to secure the SIP trunks in the best possible way.

kamikom GmbH, Kiel

corpoTel combines direct-dial IP system connections, extensive routings, online ACD, real-time statistics, IVR, service numbers, Fax2Mail, Mail2Fax, call recording, personal mailboxes and conference calls on an intelligent SIP trunk. Our trunk has been successfully certified with the Auerswald IT systems COMpact 4000/5000 / 5000R and the COMmander 6000 series. Furthermore, all COMfortel IP phones have been successfully tested.

M-net Telekommunikations GmbH, München

The regional telecommunications provider M-net is considered a pioneer in fiber-optic broadband expansion. In the business customer area, the Munich-based company offers high-performance connections for professional communication. SIP trunk in conjunction with specially tailored access products ensures excellent voice quality. Thanks to its many years of experience and the extensive range of offers, M-net offers flexible and tailor-made solutions even for complex customer requirements.

myTweak Telekom GmbH, Wien

myTweak - your contact for Voice over IP and Unified Communications. My Tweak Telekom GmbH, based in Vienna, has been active on the Austrian market since 2012 and consists of a team with more than 30 years of VoIP experience. Our comprehensive portfolio ranges from SIP connections to all types of call and service numbers to complex system networks. Our SIP DDI connections are certified by a large number of system manufacturers - now also for telephone systems from the Auerswald brand.

NFON AG, München

NFON AG, based in Munich, is a leading global provider of high-end telephone systems from the cloud that meet the highest security standards. Reliability is guaranteed by fully redundant high-performance data centers and future security by lifelong, free updates. Thanks to the billing based on actually used extensions, a NFON cloud telephone system can be used to achieve very cost-optimized solutions and the customer only pays for what was actually used. Both the Auerswald ITK systems and the COMfortel IP telephones are ideally suited and certified for operation with NFON solutions.

peoplefone GmbH, Stuttgart

The peoplefone group was founded in Zurich in 2005 and is today an internationally successful VoIP provider with subsidiaries in 6 countries. The readers of the Swiss business magazine Bilanz voted peoplefone the best VoIP for business customers in 2013 and 2015. Our solutions for Auerswald products: SIP trunk with no monthly fee for Auerswald systems and our virtual telephone system with the Auerswald IP phones.

Placetel, Köln

The connection of a telephone system with Placetel SIP trunking makes the classic analogue or ISDN telephone connection superfluous. With Placetel SIP trunking, Auerswald telephone systems can be easily connected to the telephone network via an Internet connection. The Placetel SIP trunk is certified for the Auerswald IT systems COMpact 4000/5000 / 5000R and the COMmander 6000 series. Placetel has received multiple innovation awards and serves over 10,000 business customers.

QSC AG, Köln

Auerswald and QSC have been working closely together on the operation of telecommunications systems on SIP trunk connections since 2011. From the COMpact 3000 to the COMmander 6000, all Auerswald ITK systems are certified for operation on QSC's SIP trunk, the direct-dial IP system connections, and thus offer first-class support for the "IPfonie extended" product.

sipgate GmbH, Düsseldorf

The SIP trunk, a direct-dial IP system connection from sipgate, offers perfect voice quality at low costs. All VoIP-capable IT systems from Auerswald are certified for "sipgate trunking" and are therefore the first choice when it comes to the question of a suitable telephone system.

sipload - eine Marke von 1click2 Internet Services GmbH, Hamburg

With sipload for commercial customers, 1click2 offers DDI (direct-dialing) system connections (SIP trunks) and SIP-based individual telephone connections for IT systems and IP telephones from Auerswald. With sipload, the IT systems and the IP telephones from Auerswald are easily connected to the telephone network via the Internet. sipload has been on the market as an IP telephony offer since 2007 and is characterized by many years of experience, high voice quality at fair prices combined with very short contract terms.

Swisscom AG, Bern

Swisscom is one of the best known and most popular brands in Switzerland. Swisscom bears Switzerland and Swiss in its name. It is part of their history and identity. Like almost no other brand, it strikes a balance between traditional values and a modern image. Swisscom is a trustworthy and reliable partner for private and business customers. In the "Age of Less" we bundle our message instead of scattering it.

TeamFON GmbH, München

TeamFON GmbH, founded in 2005, is the innovation leader for virtual telephone systems and cloud-based VoIP communication with its "TeamSIP Centrex" and "TeamSIP Cluster" solutions. Auerswald phones are provisioned through TeamSIP so you don't have to configure them yourself. Speed dial buttons with busy lamp field, message waiting indicator for existing voice messages and the display of missed calls are functions that the Auerswald telephones can use directly with TeamSIP.

Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG

Telefónica Deutschland offers you optimally coordinated communication solutions from a single source. From mobile phones to landlines and the Internet to complete site networking. With the "O2 All-IP Voice ISDN", "O2 All-IP Voice SIP" and "O2 Digital Phone" products, Telefónica Deutschland offers you a comprehensive portfolio of customer-oriented and future-oriented telephony solutions. You can rely on a strong service-oriented partner who optimally supports you in all matters relating to your business communication.

TeleForte AG

TeleForte AG has been one of the leading contacts for modern and professional corporate communication for over 15 years. Long-time customers of TeleForte AG include Media houses, logistics and retail companies, regional and national associations and institutions - but also small and medium-sized companies that want to communicate in a contemporary and efficient manner.
Under the UNIVERSE product range, TeleForte AG offers future-proof cloud-based telephone system systems. Whether you are a beginner or a cloud professional: the powerful and flexible systems from TeleForte AG offer a perfect cloud infrastructure for every company - and of course on attractive terms and combined with the first-class customer service that TeleForte AG's partners have valued for over 15 years.

Telekom Deutschland GmbH

With DeutschlandLAN SIP trunk customers will be able to switch to the new IP-based connections with their current extension numbers. Due to the combination options of different modules, this solution can be flexibly adapted to all customer needs. Customers only pay for the services they really need. GmbH

Over 15 years of fiber optic network - Based on their competence in the areas of lines and mass billing, Stadtwerke Norderstedt opened another successful field of activity in 1999 with the foundation of GmbH. A nationwide broadband high-speed telecommunications network was installed in Norderstedt. A premiere in Germany. With the independent, redundant infrastructure of the network, data and communication services of the next generation can be combined - without limiting or dividing the transmission bandwidths of the customers.