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Optimal extensions for Auerswald products

On this page we present software, hardware and services that increase the utility or performance of our products, and can optimally complement them or that are already part of our solutions and services. The products listed here have been tested by us, so their mention is to be understood as a recommendation. We do not provide technical support for tehse services but can direct you to teh right area within their business.

Aurenz GmbH, Kirchheim unter Teck

With the experience from over 25,000 installations, Aurenz is one of the leading experts for intelligent software solutions and data protection in the ITC environment. Auerswald's COMmander 6000 series fee and call data can be transferred to the AlwinPro ITK controlling software and the Anna4 analysis software. Further processing and further calculation (including invoicing) is thus made possible.

Baudisch Intercom GmbH, Wäschenbeuren

Whether customer-specific SIP intercoms for the industrial or surgical area, SIP door intercoms with IP video or multifunctional communication platforms with touch - the possibilities of project design are diverse. The COMfortel 2600 IP and 3600 IP IP telephones are particularly suitable for displaying images directly from a door camera. So you can already see who is standing outside the door during the call phase.

Elcom Kommunikation GmbH, Neckarsulm

In its more than 25-year company history, ELCOM has established itself as a solution provider for door intercom systems, who works with the customer to develop a concept that optimally corresponds to his ideas. The COMfortel 3200 and 3500 IP telephones are particularly suitable for displaying images directly from a door camera. So you can already see who is standing outside the door during the call phase.

Enghouse AG, Leipzig

The areas of application of the different products are e.g. B. Call and contact centers including ICD / ACD, messaging, voice portals as well as special applications in the field of voice and telephony. Voxtron products can be used on Auerswald's web server-based systems. Here the service "Redirecting Number" is used to e.g. B. to be able to provide fax and voicemail services for each extension.

ESTOS GmbH, Starnberg

Estos is a German software manufacturer of unified communication solutions. The Estos products offer UC with CTI, presence management, instant messaging, desktop sharing and unified messaging with fax server, SMS and voice mail server. With the Auerswald telephone systems, the software modules from Estos form a perfect team for effective and professional telephony, collaboration and messaging.

Ilper GmbH & Co. KG, Tarmstedt

The iNET call system combines the classic features of nurse calls with the possibilities of telecommunications. It was developed for inpatient and home care for people in need of care. The system fulfills the prescribed standards in all connections with telecommunications and security systems and thus covers the requirements for very different care models. The structure and interfaces are perfectly matched to the Auerswald ITK systems.

Konftel, Niederlassung Köln

Konftel is a leading European manufacturer of conference phones with excellent sound quality. Companies and organizations worldwide use conference calls as an effective tool and to save costs. The devices are an ideal addition to Auerswald telephone systems, e.g. B. the systems of the COMmander series.

Neoxum GmbH, Schöngeising

Neoxum GmbH has specialized in the customized production of high-quality display films as scratch and glare protection and has been supplying well-known brand manufacturers across Europe since 2009. Neoxum AGS films reduce annoying light reflections by up to 90%, while at the same time providing perfect industrial-quality screen protection. Like the highly transparent and crystal-clear AS variant developed in parallel, it is manufactured in Germany without exception.

New Voice Tec GmbH, Berlin

The Swiss company New Voice International AG has been developing high-quality alarm, mobilization, evacuation and surveillance solutions since 1991. The focus is on the MobiCall product. In connection with Auerswald communication systems, individually tailored solutions for fast and targeted alarm and information distribution can be implemented in a professional environment.

novalink, Frauenfeld

novalink, based in Frauenfeld, has been a leading company in the field of innovative alerting solutions since 1996. With more than 7000 systems successfully implemented worldwide, the alarming software novaalert is the ideal solution for alerting, evacuation and notification in professional environments. The quality promise swiss made guarantees highest reliability.

ProNotar - Andreas Krauß Hard- und Software-Service GmbH, Grafling

With 23 years of experience, ProNotar is one of the largest software solutions for notaries in Germany and covers all actions from file management, document creation to data exchange with authorities. By connecting Auerswald telephone systems, employees can, for example, reach the clients directly from the files and call up the data and documents relating to the clients with one click for incoming calls.

point omega AG, Heidelberg

Pointomega AG has been offering intelligent solutions for more security since 1995. The areas of application and applications in which our alarm systems are used worldwide are extremely diverse, from fire alarm and nurse call systems to error messages in the event of IT malfunctions and machine or system monitoring. The goal of our work is optimal security for people and the greatest possible control of production and work processes of all kinds with the appropriate technology and the right advice.

Erwin Renz Metallwarenfabrik GmbH & Co KG, Kirchberg/Murr

Renz is the leading manufacturer of high-quality mailbox systems in Germany and Europe. Some products are ideal for integrating the TFS-Universal plus from Auerswald.

Securepoint GmbH, Lüneburg

Securepoint provides a. high-quality router with integrated firewall and VPN functionality, automatic virus scanner and "real" content and spam filtering. Thanks to QoS (Quality of Service), the routers are ideal for the use of telephone systems with VoIP connection, e.g. B. the current web server-based Auerswald systems. A secure remote configuration of the telephone systems can be ensured via a VPN connection.

Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG, Wedemark

The audio specialist Sennheiser is one of the world's leading manufacturers of headphones, microphones and wireless transmission technology with its own plants in Germany, Ireland and the USA. The mobile conference system "TeamConnect Wireless" is the perfect addition to Auerswald telephone systems, in order to be able to set up conference calls for teams of up to 24 people quickly and conveniently in modern work environments.

Telecom Behnke GmbH, Kirkel

The IP video door intercoms from Telecom Behnke and the Auerswald IP telephones COMfortel 3200/3500 are the ideal combination for pure IP communication solutions. Already during the door call, the display of the telephones shows who is standing in front of the door - and with an excellent resolution! Using the touch function in the display, the door opener can be operated directly or for example a staircase light can be switched on.

Tobit Software AG, Ahaus

The software David.zehn! is a complete solution for multimedia office communication. It offers professional functions for e-mail, fax and voicemail data in a single interface and is completely independent of other applications. This software can be used on all Auerswald web server-based systems. The 'Redirecting Number' service is used here to provide fax and voicemail services for each extension.