COMfortel® M-710

Versatile handset with an attractive price-performance ratio

The ideal entry-level model in the IP-DECT world has a name: COMfortel M-710. Incredibly versatile, the handset has been optimised for daily use in the office. At the same time, its low price makes it particularly attractive for installations with many handsets.
Optimal connection options via micro-USB, 3.5 mm jack and Bluetooth® make pairing with external devices much easier. Thanks to professional business functions such as vibration alerts and audio profiles, your phone can be individually adapted to your needs - whether in a quiet meeting or in a noisy environment. The large display not only promotes better readability, but also increases productivity.

Universal DECT phone with long endurance

Scratch-proof, resistant to disinfectants and a long battery life: this makes the COMfortel M-710 the ideal companion for use in the healthcare sector, but it is also ideally suited for use in many other areas. The handset has a belt clip so that it can be carried anywhere easily. We also offer the perfect solution for the particularly hectic working day: the optional Professional Belt Clip guarantees the COMfortel M-710 a secure hold, which extends the handset's service life.
Furthermore, the COMfortel M-710 can actually show off its versatility in a wide variety of environments because the M-series allows 250 handsets on up to 60 base stations with seamless handover. This makes it a future-proof investment for growing companies and guarantees maximum freedom of movement and accessibility for employees on the company premises.
Thanks to zero-touch provisioning in combination with an ICT system from Auerswald, the effort required for set-up is also reduced to a minimum. This reduces the effort involved in configuring and maintaining the telephone network and saves costs in the long term.

Special highlight: the new feature package alarming, messaging and localization. Due to a perfect interaction with alarm systems the COMfortel M-710 can use various ringing tones and display messages adapted to the situation. Additionally, in case of emergency it can inform about its location. The new integrated alarm button gives even more security in dangerous work environments.

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