TFS-Dialog 300 series

Stainless steel – stylish and tough

Installed in a flush-mounted box, the TFS-Dialog 300 door intercom system lies flat on the wall or door frame and integrates elegantly into the building structure - also as a contemporary replacement for the old "doorbell" system. A two-core cable provides the connection to the ITK system and activates the many technical features. Four variants with one, two, three or four bell buttons are available.

Decisive inner qualities

Why are telephony and door communication often separate systems? It doesn't really have to be. If your ITK system still has a free a / b port, the TFS-Dialog 300 door intercom system can be connected in no time and programmed by telephone. With its brushed stainless steel front, large bell buttons and maintenance-free LED lighting with adjustable light color, the system leaves an extremely solid and robust impression.

The modern electronics ensure the best communication, even in difficult environmental situations. Forward the doorbell to your cell phone and talk to the visitor at the door while on the go, turn the door opener and the staircase light? Everything is possible, hassle-free!

Looking for more technical specs?

Sales Configurator (SC)

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Customer requirements for communication solutions are constantly increasing and with them the complexity and scalability of ITC systems. Project planning therefore takes up more and more time. Here, the free Sales Configurator offers a simple and fast solution. It gives you the opportunity to efficiently plan communication solutions and create project planning proposals.

Sales Configurator (SC)