TFS-Dialog 300 series

Stainless steel door phone system designed for analogue interfaces – it is not only its design that shines

Universal stainless steel door phone system for flush mounting

Operation on the analogue extension connection of an ICT system from the own or other brands

Large doorbell buttons, optional use as a light key

Power-saving LED illumination with infinitely variable colour (cool white up to warm yellow)

Programming of phone numbers and basic functions by telephone

Your advantages in detail

This stainless steel door intercom system successfully introduces special design accents to your front door and ensures the highest level of operating convenience. Large push-buttons with integrated energy-saving LED lighting securely guide the visitor to the desired destination. An existing installation can be easily upgraded to the TFS-Dialog 300, thus combining state-of-the-art technology with superior sound quality. Just screw the door intercom system into the flush-mount box. For a new installation, a matching flush-mount box is supplied.

The system is ideally suited for ICT systems without a separate door phone interface because it is directly connected to a free analogue extension. Once the door bell is triggered, the intercom system behaves just like an extension phone and dials a pre-defined number – this can be another extension, a group or even an external number. If you want, the door signal can also trigger a switching operation – e.g. activate the door bell or the staircase lighting.

Compatible products

Features & technical data

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  • Operation on analogue subscriber ports of a branded or other PBX system
  • Stainless-steel door entry system for flush-mounting
  • 1 to 4 doorbell buttons (TFS-Dialog 301 to 304), optionally usable as light key
  • Power saving, maintenance-free LED lighting, continuously adjustable colour (cool white up to yellow)
  • Programming of the numbers and basic functions via telephone
  • Two levels of sensitivity for noisy and quiet environments
  • Switching contacts for door opener, doorbell and light (doorbell transformer required)
  • Additional switching possibilities with optional a/b Switching Modules
  • Excellent speech audibility frequency-optimised amplifier electronics

Product variants

  • 90161 / TFS-Dialog 301
  • 90162 / TFS-Dialog 302
  • 90163 / TFS-Dialog 303
  • 90164 / TFS-Dialog 304



Interface, supply connection

analogue subscriber port / extension of the PBX

Dial mode

tone dialling (DTMF)

Power supply via analogue extension port (PBX)

16 V – 60 V DC

Power supply via doorbell transformer (optional for outputs and LED lighting)

8 V – 18 V AC, 35 – 40 mA 

Power consumption for LED lighting (doorbell transformer)

35 mA – 40 mA

Loop power, depending on operation mode

<1 mA / 20 mA – 60 mA

Temperature range

-20 °C – +50 °C

Maximum load door opener

18 V AC / 40 V DC, 2 A

Maximum load doorbell and lighting output

18 V AC / 40 V DC, 0.5 A


Ø 50 mm

Mounting plate material

stainless steel (V2A; 1.4301), 2 mm

Dimensions mounting plate (w x h)

136 mm x 227 mm

Housing electronic unit


Distances between the fixing holes

193 mm

Installation depth

39 mm

Dimensions incl. electronic unit (w x h x d)

136 mm x 227 mm x 39 mm

Dimensions flush-mounted box (w x h x d)

118 mm x 202 mm x 45 mm


approx. 685 g


IP22 (when installed)



Delivery Scope

  • Stainless steel door phone TFS-Dialog 301/302/303/304
  • Flush-mounted box
  • Mounting material (dowel, screws)
  • Connection and user manual


a/b Switching Module

Switching module for door bell, door opener and light system control via 2-wire analogue line, for TFS-Dialog 200/300/400 and TFS-Universal plus


Overvoltage protection module for effective protection of traditional telecommunications connections

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