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Flexible. Secure. Reliable. COMfortel SoftPhone for COMtrexx and – NEW – also for COMpact systems

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COMfortel SoftPhone now for COMpact systems!

The soft client that securely covers SIP telephony and chat

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COMfortel® SoftPhone

COMfortel SoftPhone is the cost-efficient, up-to-date and intuitive solution for the implementation of mobile workplace concepts for COMtrexx and COMpact systems. SIP telephony and company-wide chat enable the integration of every employee and availability from all locations - whether in the office, at home or on the go. Benefit from all the advantages of an on-prem solution with secure, always available cloud technology with quality Made in Germany.

  • Entry level soft client for SIP telephony and messaging
  • Secure and simple PBX connection from anywhere via our free cloud service
  • Cross-platform: Apps for Windows, iOS & Android

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As unique as your project!

Perfectly fitting electrical assemblies are usually difficult to find or can only be ordered in very large quantities. The solution: individually assembled printed circuit boards in the desired version from Auerswald.

From a minimally populated circuit board to a complex end product - even the provision of your own components is possible. Find out more about the benefits, implementation and support from Auerswald and take an inside look at our state-of-the-art assembly line.

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Home office with auerswald

Home office or even mobile working is not really a new topic. Many of us already know and use it, because it offers many advantages, above all spatial and temporal flexibility. However, the Corona crisis has given the topic of mobile working an unprecedented importance. Of course, productivity, smooth workflows and communication - both internal and external - should continue to function without loss as before. Technically, the relocation of workstations to the home office is no problem. In order to ensure that the daily work routine can also be carried out efficiently from home, Auerswald offers a broad portfolio of communication solutions. See our compilation of video tutorials and onlineseminar recordings on this topic.

The easy way to your home office

With our selection of leading IP telephones and associated telephone systems, we offer solutions for every challenge.

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Why Auerswald?


Even the latest innovations make use of valuable knowledge about users, their habits and desires, about what is sensible, up-to-date and proven from the treasure chest. To let experience flow into future-oriented products does not mean to be backward-looking and skeptical, but to show foresight. When the latest technical gadgets highlight what is technically feasible, but the benefits are neglected, there is often more frustration than pleasure. That is why there is no Auerswald product that does not include our years of experience - and our customers appreciate that.


It affects all areas of life: digitisation brings drastic changes to everyday life. New technologies offer hitherto unknown possibilities for using familiar devices and facilities. Telecommunications is particularly involved. The migration of telephony to IT structures and the new communication and interaction options that this opens up are not just development steps, they mark a paradigm shift and the re-definition of a traditional technology area - and Auerswald is right in the middle. With products and solutions that fit into the new world.

"Quality Made in Germany"

Why shouldn't an IT product last as long as a refrigerator? If the product idea is already determined by sustainability, the development of reliability and operational safety has been written into the specifications, errors have no chance in the manufacturing process if the product simply feels solid and it stays fit through software updates. In short,  if the quality is right  then it also works with the longevity - and because we are absolutely convinced of it, we have a manufacturer's guarantee of up to 60 months! Quality has many faces.

COMfortel® D Series - Our line-up for premium SIP telephony

  • Attractive
    Modern, functional design for clear lines on the desk.
  • Efficient
    Minimum setup time with zero touch provisioning without restarting.
  • Flexible
    Maximum compatibility and investment security thanks to open standards - also to third-party suppliers.
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