COMfortel® WS-R2

Product status End-of-Support: Sep. 2023
No further software updates or upgrades

Product status End-of-Service: Sep. 2025
No further technical support

Productstatus End-of-Repair: Sep. 2025
No further repair service


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Operating system

3Q2018 (Stable) | 09.10.2018
Firmware / Tools
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LanguagesCurrent version
Declaration of CE Conformity V03 02/2021 PDF
Instructions V05 08/17 PDF
Instruction IP-DECT measuring case V3.0 08/2013 PDF

Declaration of CE Conformity


    2014/53/EU replaces 1999/5/EC
    2011/65/EC with amendment 2015/863/EU replaces 2011/65/EC


    EN 62368-1:2014/A11:2017 replaces EN 60950-1:2006/A2:2013
    EN 301 489-1 V2.2.3 replaces EN 301 489-1 V1.9.2
    EN 301 489-6 V2.1.1 replaces EN 301 489-6 V1.3.1
    EN 301 406 V2.2.2 replaces EN 301 406 V2.1.1
    EN 50360:2001+AC:2006+A1:2012 new added
    EN 63000:2018 new added
    EN 62311:2008 deleted
    EN 55011:2009+A1:2010 not applicable
    EN 55022:2010/AC:2011 n/a
    EN 55024:2010+A1:2015 n/a