What should be noted when planning a LAN-Tapi installation?

Network and computers

  • Maintain a stable network environment. The TAPI-server needs to have a permanent connection to the PBX.
  • Remove any unnecessary TAPI-related entries (e.g. HID, 323 etc.) in the advanced Telephone-/Modem options (Windows Control Panel).
  • Check if the operating system of the participating computers is supported by our driver or software.
  • Operation of LAN-Tapi services on several clients is possible if a domain controller (DC) with configured telephone service is available and the clients connect to this DC.
  • Operation of LAN-Tapi services on a single client is possible if the driver is installed on this client.
  • Please ensure that the LAN-Tapi-driver is only installed once across the network.
  • On a terminal server it is not possible to control access rights to subscriber lines. For this reason this type of installation is not recommended.


  • Check whether the PBX supports LAN-Tapi. For information see the features summary for the PBX on www.auerswald.de.
  • By default our PBXs come with a certain number of LAN-tapi lines that can be used. Additional lines can be purchased in the Auerswald online shop shop.auerswald.de.


Depending on the phone the full extent of the LAN-Tapi functions may not be available. For example, among others, automatic call setup, toggling and forwarding calls is not supported with standard phones (non systemphones). For more detailed information please see the description of the LAN-Tapi driver on www.auerswald.de.


  • CTI software usually requires separate paid licenses from the manufacturer. These licenses must be purchased in addition to the licenses for the PBX's LAN-Tapi lines.
  • With PBX-Call Assist the purchase of the software licenses is necessary from the first subscriber (the LAN-TAPI activation for the PBX is already included in the same number).
  • When using PBX Call Assist in a terminal server environment, please note that the PBX Call Assist client can only be used without TAPI or with standard TAPI (outgoing dialling only). Using the extended remote TAPI driver (outgoing dialing and display of incoming calls) in such an environment is not possible (will be queried during the installation of the client software).