What is to be noted about "Emergency calls"?

Important information about "Emergency calls"
As installer and operator (customer) of telecommunication equipment you are legally obligated (Telekommunikations­gesetz § 108) to ensure the unhindered and prioritized routing of emergency calls (numbers 110 and 112).
Therefore please note the following essentials:

  1. In order to be able to make emergency calls without any special knowledge at any time, the PBX's emergency numbers must not be deleted. Otherwise the number is called wrong or is not possible at all!
  2. Furthermore the funcion "emergency call has priority" must stay enabled.
  3. From firmware version 6.6B on it is no longer possible to delete the statutory emergency numbers on the Auerswald PBXs COMpact 4000/5000 and COMmander 6000/6000R/6000RX. To use internal numbers beginning with 11... the optional setting to only call emergency numbers with exchange line access number can be enabled. If this special setting is enabled instruct every user of the PBX on how to dial emergency numbers and also label the phone accordingly to not violate § 108 Telekommunikationsgesetz
  4. Also check whether the number 116117 (emergency medical services) is already configured. On new installations this number must be configured as a service number. On older systems, where there are no service numbers, configure this number as emergency number also.
Note: Update your COMpact 4000/5000/5000R or COMmander 6000/R/RX to the current firmware as soon as possible and on older systems check the configured emergency numbers 110 and 112 as well as the emergency medical services 116117.