What information is required for the provider Aaron?


Firmware version
- as of version 1.8.2 (COMtrexx)
- as of version 8.4B 000 (for all other listed PBXs)

Aaron.ai is listed as a VoIP Provider, but Aaron is actually a service provider that offers automated Voice services, as such no calls can be placed or received through a Aaron trunk. Aaron provides their customers with a dedicated number for their SIP services which allows the customers to forward calls to this number (and this number only) on a Aaron trunk.
To make sure that only the dedicated calls a routed to Aaron and no other calls are routed this way some special settings are required.
Step 1: under “Public switched tel. Networks”→ VoIP→ Provider click import and select the Aaron template.
Step 2: under VoIP→ Accounts add a new Account with the credentials provided by Aaron.
Step 3: In “Subscriber (scr.)”→ Profiles → Configuration add a new profile named “No Aaron” based on “Standard Phone”, which has to be assigned to all telephones with outside lines instead of the “Standard Phone” profile. Activate the Profile override for “Exchange line authorisation” and switch it to “Exchange line dependent”. Under “Expert” switch Aaron to “Only internal” and save the settings.
Step 4: Assign the new profile “No Aaron” to all phones.
Step 5: Add a new Dummy Subscriber which will be used to forward calls to Aaron. The Dummy can not use the Profile “No Aaron” but will have to use the Standard phone profile. However in “Subscriber (scr.)”→ Phone numbers → (Dummy Account) → “Exchange line settings”→ “Exchange line authorisation” you have to switch it to “Exchange line dependent” and use the Expert button to set all providers beside Aaron to “Only incomming”. Aaron should be switched to National or International if the number Aaron provided you is not a national number for you.
Further you will have to set and activate “CF (call forwarding) immediately” to the SIP Access number provided by Aaron and activate “cascading” for the Dummy Subscriber.
Save the settings.

Take note: If further subscribers are added you have to make sure they use the “No Aaron” profile.

Use: by setting CF on busy or CF on no reply to the number of the dummy subscriber, calls can now be transferred to Aaron.