What expansion options (point system) do I have with the COMmander 6000/R/RX?

Extension possibilities (point system)

The maximum number of individual modules can be calculated using the following table. Each module has a value and can be used in the COMmander 6000 at a defined frequency. The sum of all values must not exceed the maximum value of 188.

Score points of the module
ModultypScore pointsmax. number in expansion
COMmander 8/16VoIP(-R) Module164
COMmander VMF(-R) Module161
COMmander S2M(-R) Module321
COMmander 4S0(-R) Module (for variant 6000RX)85 (12)
COMmander 8S0(-R) Module (for variant 6000RX)164 (9)
COMmander 8UP0(-R) Module (for variant 6000RX)164 (9)
COMmander 8a/b(-R) Module (for variant 6000RX)84 (8)
COMmander 2TSM(-R) Module / 4 points per module44


COMmander 6000 with 2x COMmander 8S0 module (2*16 points = 32 points) and 1x COMmander VMF module (16 points).

With this extension 32+16=48 points are achieved. 140 points can still be used. Here, however, the max. module extension of 5 modules should be considered additionally.