What device roles are there in the COMfortel WS-500M and how are they defined?

There are two LEDs and a key on the front face of the COMfortel WS-500M:
When the device is supplied, all WS-500Ms are configured as a base station.
When the WS-500M goes into operation for the first time, the left-hand LED lights up green and flashes slowly (no matter whether DHCP is active on the network or not).
Use the device key on the front face of the device to change its role. To do this, press and hold down the key for at least 10 seconds, until both LEDs go out.
Now, press the device key briefly to select one of these device roles:
Base station:
Integrator/DECT Manager with active DHCP:
Integrator/DECT Manager with static IP address (
Base station and DECT Manager:
To activate the device role you require, press the device key for at least 3 seconds, but less than 10 seconds.
The WS-500M then reboots. This can take up to 5 minutes!
Note: Changing the device role will delete all the settings in the WS-500M.