Note for provisioning distinctive ringing for a WS500X


You need a firmware version 7.8A or newer AND a DECT base firmware 2.26.0 or higher to uses this

In Firmware versions prior to 7.8A the priovisioning file do not contain the necessary information to
enable distincgge ringing.
Starting with version 7.8A-000 the file contains information, but the information is disabled by default to
avoid errors and warnings while provisioning a WS500x base with a firmware version older than V2.26.0.

To enable this feature you have to:

  • update your provisioning file by creating a new one and change the to use the new file for the provisioning of your dect base.
  • change the follwingpart of the configuration file:

You can now store your new configuration file. This will automatically trigger the provisioning
After successfull provisioning, you have to re-register all of your handsets . Only now the new
ringtone settings are shown in the menu of the handset. You can have to manually choose your
favorite ringtone for each calltype on every device.