How do I setup my COMpmact 3000 as a sub-system via VoIP?

The main-PBX must have at least 1 internal VoIP-channel assigned.

  1. Configure an internal VoIP-subscriber devicetype "standard VoIP" on the main-PBX for every subscriber of the sub-system. The corresponding subscribers on the main- and sub-system must have the same internal number.
  2. Define a user-PIN/password for each subscriber.
  3. If the main-/sub-system-setup is established using a STUN-server, also configure the "STUN-server for external VoIP-subscribers" on the main-PBX.

The sub-PBX must have at least 1 internal VoIP-channel assigned.

  1.  Edit the VoIP-provider "auerswald".
    • Make sure that "sub-system operation" is enabled.
    • Enter the main-PBX's IP-address as domain- and registrar-address.
    • Check settings for "number presentation (outgoing)".
      • format of called number "without country- and area-code" or "send as dialled".
      • type of number presentation "in display text"
      • format of transferred telephone number / own number "without country-code"
      • method of number presentation suppression "no display text".
  2. Configure a VoIP-account for every subscriber of the main-PBX.
    • Enter any name for "account name".
    • Select the VoIP-provider "auerswald".
    • Select "PTMP-conntection" as type.
    • Enable the checkbox for "usage".
    • Enter the account-data:
      • Username: The internal number if the VoIP-subscriber on the main-PBX.
      • Password: The user-PIN/password of the VoIP- subscriber on the main-PBX.
    • MSN: The internal number of the VoIP-subscruber on the main-PBX.
  3. Configure an internal subscriber on the sub-PBX for every VoIP-subscriber of the main-PBX.
  4. Direct line access must be enabled for the subscribers on the sub-PBX.
  5. Direct line access must not be enabled for subscribers on the main-PBX.
  6. Edit the call-distribution on the sub-PBX:
    • The external VoIP-numbers (-accounts) must be distributed to the corresponding internal subscriber-number.

Transfer of a caller on the main-PBX to another subscriber on the main-PBX via the sub-PBX:

  1. 2 external VoIP-channels must be assigned and available.
  2. Subscriber must have the authorization "transfer of external calls to external".
  3. The basic setting "Max. duration of switched calls: external with external" limits the length of the tranferred call.