General information for the operation of the COMfortel VoIP 2500 AB

Note: The settings apply to all Auerswald PBXs that offer internal IP telephony.

  1. A COMfortel VoIP 2500 AB can also be operated without COMmander or COMpact VoIP module on an Auerswald PBX (COMpact 5010/5020 VoIP, COMmander Basic.2 and COMmander Business). However, only the codec G.711 can then be used.
  2. There is a restriction with the DTMF remote inquiry of the answering machine function. The telephone cannot evaluate DTMF tones without the VoIP module (COMmander or COMpact). However, it is possible to query newly received messages via the quick polling numbers once.
    DTMF generation (for controlling external devices) must be set to DTMF-inband. This setting can be found in the telephone menu under Settings->VoIP->Provider->DTMF.
  3. If the telephone is connected to the telephone system via a VPN tunnel (VPN connection between two routers), automatic discovery of the telephone system is only possible if the VPN routers used allow multicast messages to pass through. If Multicast is not supported, the IP address of the telephone system must be entered manually into the COMfortel VoIP 2500 AB.

Note: The settings provided by us are non-binding information.