How do I set up the COMfortel SoftPhone for use with the COMtrexx?

Important: The COMfortel SoftPhone is available licence-free for a limited period of time. The COMfortel SoftPhone can also be used in the tryout mode in the COMtrexx. For permanent use, please contact your dealer or system partner.


Configuring the use of the COMfortel SoftPhone in the COMtrexx


  • Requirement: Firmware from 1.6


  1. Activate the proxy service to use the COMfortel SoftPhone under Administration > VoIP > Proxy server for COMfortel SoftPhone > Use proxy
  1. Set up the phone and assign it to a user under Telephones > Assignment > +New

Note: Softphones are very often not tied to a location and are therefore created by default without a location. The correctly assigned location is necessary, among other things, so that the PBX can properly initiate an emergency call.

  1. Enter an e-mail address for the transmission of the registration information.

Install Softphone in the device

The installation file for the COMfortel SoftPhone can be found here: COMfortel® SoftPhone

COMfortel SoftPhone Mobile: The clients are installed via the Google Play Store or Mac App Store.


Enter user name and password in the softphone

Note: The registration information for the COMfortel SoftPhone is emailed to the user when the phone is set up. Sending can be restarted later (e.g. after changing the user):

Note: The registration information can be copied here: