New – Release COMtrexx Software 2.2.1

New software for COMtrexx VM, COMtrexx Business, COMtrexx Advanced and COMtrexx Next

General information

  • COMtrexx Next:
    New hardware variant COMtrexx Next available for small expansion stages up to 40 users.


  • Communications:
    Improved security and compatibility (activation of TLS 1.3 for SIP and WEB, removal of TLS 1 and 1.1).

New functions

  • Remote configuration via Auerswald remote access (ARA) server:
    With version 2.2 of the COMtrexx Control Center, remote configuration can be initiated via the Auerswald Remote Access (ARA) Server in future.
  • Network interface (second):
    It is now possible to set up a second network interface in the PBX under the following conditions.
    • Upgrade with a NET-Modul (only COMtrexx Business)
    • Installation of a second network adapter/card (only COMtrexx VM)


  • E-mail transfer:
    Improved email dispatch with new SMTP server. Emails can now also be sent via Microsoft 365.
  • Device properties:
    It is now possible to specify for IP devices which IP protocol is to be used by the device for the connection to the COMtrexx.
  • Online Help:
    All information on hardware and VM variants is now also available in the online help.
  • Provisioning:
    d-series_template.xml: To prevent repeated attempts to subscribe to a voicemail box after logging out (roaming user), a subscription failure handling function has been added to the COMfortel D-Series phone template for the identity. In individually created provisioning files, this change must be transferred manually. <subscriptionFailureHandling>...</subscriptionFailureHandling>
  • Transfer configuration:
    A configuration can now be transferred from one variant to a specific other variant.

Bug Fixes

  • Analogue fax machine:
    With some providers it was not possible to send fax messages in the local phone network.

    Note: If an analogue telephone and a user instead of an external device fax were temporarily configured as a workaround, this must be reversed.
  • Logging into the Web Interface:
    Only applies to version 2.2.0 COMtrexx Next: After deleting all contacts, it was no longer possible to log in.
  • LDAP:
    If automatic exchange line request was switched off, the 0 for exchange line request was not transferred to the contacts. External calls initiated via the contacts failed. LDAP now checks the automatic exchange line request when a call number is requested. If the telephone number to be supplied has more than 4 digits, it is regarded as external and preceded by an exchange line access number.

    Note: For the few exceptions where telephone numbers with less than 5 digits are external, these must be entered with the local area code.

    If automatic exchange line request was switched off, no internal phone numbers/contacts were displayed for newly created users.

    An unnecessary empty contact Admin was displayed in the COMfortel D-Series phone.
  • LDAP / Voicemail App:
    If automatic exchange line request was switched off, the callback via the voicemail app did not work on a COMfortel D-Series phone.
  • NAT traversal:
    The public IP address was also sent in the header, even if the option was switched off.
  • Presence:
    After logging out (roaming user), a COMfortel D-Series phone was still displayed as available.
  • Call forwarding:
    External call forwarding was always carried out via accounts at the system location and sometimes failed. The account associated with the redirected number is now used.
  • Web interface:
    Functions > Time control > Switching times: The number of possible switching times was not displayed correctly.

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