Adapter for connecting 4-wire or FTZ door phones to an analogue port of modern ICT systems

Access of older door phone systems with up to 2 bell buttons to an analogue port of a modern ICT system

Inverter from 4-wire and FTZ 123 D 12-0 interface to analogue subscriber ports

Additional switching options via optional a/b Switching Modules

Power supply via bell transformer

Separate volume control for both speech channels, impedance adjustable

Your advantages in detail

The conversion of telephony to IP often involves purchasing a new ICT system. Although these modern systems are state-of-the-art and offer all sorts of modern features, you will not find a connection for the existing door phones anywhere. Here's the solution:

With the TSA-a/b door phone adapter, door terminals with an older 4-core interface or a 2-core connection in accordance with FTZ 123 D 12-0, which perhaps cannot be easily replaced for structural reasons, can be connected to the analogue port of a modern, VoIP-enabled ICT system. The existing door terminal, from Siedle, Ritto, Grothe or Auerswald/FONtevo for example, can be kept.

The TSA-a/b is suitable for use on all conventional ICT systems with analogue subscriber ports.

Features & technical data

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Power supply

bell transformer, 8 V – 12 V AC or 12 V – 40 V DC, 0,5 A max.

System connection

analogue subscriber port of an ICT system

Door phone connection

4 wire system or FTZ 123 D 12-0 interface (e.g. Siedle, Ritto, Grothe), power supply 9 V / 12 V DC, 200 mA (can be selected)

Bell button

2 max., dry contact

Door opening relais

8 V – 12 V AC, 12 V – 40 V DC, 2 A

Light relaiy

8 V – 12 V AC, 12 V – 40 V DC, 1 A

Casing material

plastic, grey

Dimensions (w x h x d)

142 mm x 81 mm x 27 mm


136 g



Delivery Scope

  • Door phone adapter TSA-a/b
  • Mounting material
  • Setup guide

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