TFS-Universal plus

Multi-functional door terminal system for installation in existing door terminal and letter box systems; operates on a ICT system's analogue port

Universal door phone system for installation in existing door terminal and letter box systems

Radial lug arrangement - easy screw mounting

Large adhesive pad – remove the protective film and apply

Microphone can also be mounted separately from the casing

Operation on the analogue extension connection of a ICT system from the own or other brands

Your advantages in detail

Perhaps you want to use new technology in your existing system? The TFS-Universal plus is our installation variant for precisely this requirement. The TFS-Universal plus fits in an existing letter box or in the recess of your existing door terminal system.

This analogue variant of our door phone systems is also connected directly via a two-core cable to an analogue subscriber port of your ICT system.

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Features & technical data

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  • Automatic door opening, e.g. during the surgery time
  • Stop ringing after door opening (door contact required)
  • Door opening directly with doorbell button
  • Room monitoring, with dialling a call number
  • Operation as internal intercom terminal (call acceptance and end of call via push botton)
  • Programming of functions via PC software TFS-Set




Interface, supply connection

Analogue subscriber port / extension of the ICT system

Dial mode

tone dialling (DTMF)

Technical data



Power supply via analogue extension port (PBX)

16 V – 60 V DC

Power supply via doorbell transformer (optional)

8 V – 18 V AC

Loop power, depending on operation mode

<1 mA / 20 mA – 60 mA

Temperature range

-20 °C – +50 °C

Maximum load door opener

18 V AC / 40 V DC, 2 A

Maximum load doorbell and lighting output

18 V AC / 40 V DC, 0.5 A


Ø 50 mm

Housing material plastic, black

plastic, black

Dimensions (w x h x d)

109 mm x 84 mm x 29 mm


approx. 80 g





Delivery Scope

  • Door phone TFS-Universal plus
  • Connection and user manual


a/b Switching Module

Switching module for door bell, door opener and light system control via 2-wire analogue line, for TFS-Dialog 200/300/400 and TFS-Universal plus


Overvoltage protection module for effective protection of traditional telecommunications connections

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