TFS-Universal plus

It is not always possible to simply replace an old door intercom system with a new one without major modifications. Installation boxes fixed in the masonry, bell buttons suitable for the door or even entire mailbox systems set the limits here. The solution: the TFS-Universal plus. It offers state-of-the-art technology, only requires a two-core cable to connect and fits into existing mailboxes or recessed recesses.


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Operating system

Windows 7 32-/64-Bit SP1
Windows XP Professional (ab Service Pack 3 empfohlen)
Windows Vista (Service Pack 2 empfohlen)
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LanguagesCurrent version
Instructions for operation, installation, assembly and programming V03 01/10 PDF
Casing dimensions V01 PDF
Letterbox/door contact for TFS-Universal plus V01 05/11 PDF
Operating instructions V07 06/2020 PDF
V08 11/2020 PDF
Instructions a/b Switching Module V03 10/2020 PDF
Statements of conformity V07 10/2022 PDF

Instructions a/b Switching Module

Safety information

Note about qualified electrician complemented.

Note about door bell transformer complemented. Note about inflammable materials deleted.

Technical Data

Operating voltage: Values changed

Contact load capacity: Values changed

Several editiorial changes


The COMpact 3000 analog/ISDN/VoIP PBXs don't feature an interface for FTZ-standard doorphones.

However, you can use analog doorphones such as our TFS-Dialog 20x/30x/universal plus. In addition, you can use the TSA - a / b use this converter can convert different doorphone to a / b port .

Recommended parameter settings for Auerswald door intercom systems

 TFS-Universal plus / a/b
TFS-Dialog 300 / 400
TFS-Dialog 200
   Sensitivity    Volume    Sensitivity    Volume  
Default value3232
COMander Basic.2
COMmander Business
COMpact 2206 USB
COMpact 4410 USB
COMpact 4406 DSL
COMpact 2104.2 USB
COMpact 2204 USB
ETS-1006 FAX1212
ETS-2106 I Rev.2
ETS-2204 I
ETS-4308 I
Agfeo AS 405353
Fritz Box3291
Fritz Box Fon WLAN 70503266
Elmeg ICT 465353
Panasonic KX-TDA151031

Note: The installation location, the internal room acoustics and the number of connected a/b switching modules may influence the specified values. The parameter values may deviate from the recommended values.