COMmander® 8UP0-R Module

Extension module with 8 UP0 ports for a 2-wire system to ISDN end device connection for COMmander 6000R/RX

2-wire connection of system telephones and ISDN terminals

8 UP0 ports for the connection of COMfortel system telephones

Euro-ISDN (DSS-1) PTMP connection in conjunction with the UP0/S0 Adapter

Your advantages in detail

The COMmander 8UP0-R Module equips the COMmander 6000R and 6000RX with eight 2-wire UP0 ports. The ISDN system telephones from the COMfortel series can be connected directly to these UP0 ports thanks to their automatic UP0/S0 detection. Combining it with the UP0/S0 Adapter creates a standard ISDN connection at the endpoint of the 2-wire line on which COMfortel system telephones and normal ISDN terminals can be operated.

Features & technical data

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Module connection options

  • 8 UP0 ports, for the direct connection of COMfortel system telephones and the UP0/S0 Adapter



Subscriber port

8 UP0 ports, Euro-ISDN (DSS-1), Point-to-Multipoint

Delivery Scope

  • COMmander 8 UP0 Module or 8 UP0-R Module

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