COMmander® 2TSM-R Module

Expansion module with door terminal, switching and audio functions for COMmander 6000R/RX

Calls with 2 door intercom systems (compliant with FTZ 123 D12- 0) without losing an analogue extension, e.g. with TFS-Dialog 100

2 telephone-activated door openers

4 doorbell inputs, one of which can alternatively be configured as alarm input

6 switching relays, configurable for door intercom, door opening or universal switching functions (1 to 2 switching relays are necessary for each door station in use)

Music function, e.g. switching on the MP3 player during enquiry calls

Your advantages in detail

The COMmander 2TSM-R Module expands your COMmander 6000R and 6000RX to include two door terminals each with one door opener and four doorbell inputs. You can also incorporate music-on-hold or text messages via an external device like a standard MP3 player.

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Features & technical data

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Module connection options

  • 2 ports for door phone systems acc. to FTZ 123 D 12-0
  • 4 doorbell inputs, thereof 1 alternatively configurable as alarm input
  • 6 switching relays, configurable for door intercom, door opening or for universal switching functions (per door station in use 1 to 2 switching relays are necessary)
  • Connection for secondary bell
  • Audio input for external Music-on-Hold
  • Audio output for announcements

Module functions

  • Door intercom for 2 door intercom systems (acc. to FTZ 123 D 12-0, e.g. TFS-Dialog 100) without losing an analogue extension
  • Door openers activated via telephone
  • Alarm function
  • Announcement function
  • Universal, e.g. relay on during the day, off during night mode
  • Remote switching internally / via trunk line



Door phone system

compliant with FTZ 123 D 12-0

Capacity of door openers and switching relais

30 V, 1 A

Door bell input

for 4 switches (potential-free), 5 V – 15 V AC or DC

Audio input

adjustable from -10dB up to +10dB (25 kΩ up to 50 kΩ)

Audio output

1 Veff max. (600 Ω)

Delivery Scope

  • COMmander 2TSM Module or 2TSM-R Module
  • Cinch cable (mono)

ICT System

COMmander® 6000RX

Fully modular ISDN/VoIP communication server for 19" racks; up to 38 exchange line channels and 112 subscribers, 15 module slots

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