COMfortel® WS-500S

The single-cell IP DECT system that can handle so much more when needed

Up to 20 handsets

Up to 8 parallel calls

Professional zero-touch configuration via auto-provisioning

Upgradeable from single-cell system to a multi-cell system

Expansion with up to two WS-500S possible (mini multicell operation)

Your advantages in detail

One for all: The WS-500S is inherently the affordable single-cell system for entering the IP DECT world. Already in this version up to 8 simultaneous calls are supported and up to 20 handsets can be registered. This makes it the ideal basis for offices, medical practice and smaller companies.

The best thing about it: with the upgrade licence WS-500S Multi, this base can be extended to the same feature range as the multi-cell WS-500M system with up to 250 handsets and up to 60 parallel calls.

DECT technology is digital and encrypted. It therefore offers comprehensive security. Wireless eavesdropping of a call is not possible. The network security of the WS-500S is additionally enhanced by SIP security. End-to-end security is therefore guaranteed.


Compatible products

Features & technical data

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System functions

  • LDAP server support for central phone book (up to 10)
  • Access to the voicemail system of the ICT system
  • Display of the called number - ideal for multi-company operation
  • Distinctive ring tones according to the type of call (direct/group/alarm etc.)
  • Display of the system time on all handset
  • Definition of clusters for organizing bases
  • Range alarm on the handset when leaving the DECT radio cell
  • Encryption of DECT voice data
  • Complete system configuration backup
  • Up to 20 handsets
  • Up to 8 simultaneous calls
  • Optional alarm, message and localisstion functions for the integration of alarm systems
  • Expansion with up to two additional WS-500S possible ("mini-multicell" for the extension of the radio range)

Installation and maintenance

  • Zero-touch provisioning of the base
  • Simple handset registration
  • Create, delete, change the hand parts from the ICT system
  • LEDs for signalling operating and functional states
  • Access to LDAP phonebooks (up to 10 department directories)
  • Administration of the entire IP DECT wireless system via a single web interface
  • Encrypted access to the web interface (https)
  • Backup and restore functions
  • Support for syslog servers
  • SNMPv3

Unlockable options

  • Expansion to multi-cell operation with up to 250 DECT users and 60 bases (identical to COMfortel WS-500M)
  • Licence for the use of the alarm and messaging functions1
  • Licence for the use of the localisation functions (including alarm and messaging)1

Technical specifications

  • DECT EN 300 175-x
  • Standards: GAP/pnCAP
  • TLS1.0/1.1/1.2 for HTTPS and SIP, SIPS
  • HTTP/Digest Authentication (RFC2617)
  • 8 simultaneous calls (G.711) or up to 5 calls with wideband audio (G.722)

DECT Handsets

  • COMfortel M-510
  • COMfortel M-520
  • COMfortel M-530
  • COMfortel M-710
  • COMfortel M-720
  • COMfortel M-730

Communication platforms

  • Complete support incl. provisioning with the current Auerswald systems2
  • Operation as normal DECT system with the previous Auerswald SIP systems and with SIP based systems of other vendors3
1 One license included with version 2.44 or higher
2 With COMpact 4000/5000/5200(R)/5500R and COMmander 6000(R/RX) with firmware 7.4
3 Please clarify compatibility in advance



System connection 1

Ethernet 10/100 Base-T

Power supply

Power over Ethernet (PoE IEEE 802.3af class 1) or wall power supply 12 V (optional)

Power consumption

<3.8 W

Maximum number of handsets


Maximum number of bases

1 (single-cell)

VoIP protocol

SIP (RFC3261, RFC2396, RFC2976)

VoIP codecs

G.711, G.729ab, G.722

Maximum number VoIP channels






Dimensions (w x h x d)

110 mm x 180 mm x 42 mm


220 g



Delivery Scope

  • Main device
  • Dowels/screws
  • Setup Guide and Quick Guide (German/English)

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