COMfortel® SoftPhone

Softphone and messaging solution with mobile and secure connection to COMtrexx and COMpact ICT systems

Inexpensive soft client for SIP voice and messaging

Secure and easy PBX connection from anywhere via free cloud service

Cross-platform: Apps for Windows, iOS & Android

Your advantages in detail

COMfortel SoftPhone optimizes the availability of employees in a simple yet secure way. The soft client for telephony and internal company chat is available for Windows, iOS and Android.

The secure and location-independent connection to your COMpact ICT system is guaranteed by an innovative Auerswald cloud service, which makes the complex and maintenance-intensive connection via VPN superfluous.

COMfortel SoftPhone is the cost-effective alternative to the comprehensive Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) solution PBX Call Assist. Whenever integration into business processes, video conferencing or file and desktop sharing is not required, COMfortel SoftPhone is a good investment for COMpact users , which pays for itself within a very short time.

COMtrexx users can also benefit from the advantages of the COMfortel SoftPhone. In the first 12 months, the use of the COMtrexx is free of charge. Afterwards, a low-cost licensing via the specialist dealer is required.

Compatible products

Features & technical data

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Softphone functionalities

  • On hold
  • Call query
  • Forwarding during a call1
  • Establish inquiry1
  • Call brokering1
  • Connect inquiry1
  • Conference1

Supported communication platforms

  • COMpact (from firmware version 8.4A)
  • COMtrexx (from firmware version 1.6.2 / feature class 1)
1 just for the Windows client

Delivery Scope

ICT System

COMpact 4000

Semi-modular, wall-mounted compact VoIP ICT system; 10 channels to the service provider and 16 subscribers max., 2 expansion slots

COMpact 5200

Fully modular wall-mounted VoIP communications server with up to 20 channels to the service provider, 50 subscribers max. and 5 slots

COMpact 5200R

Fully modular rack-mounted VoIP communications server with up to 20 channels to service provider, 50 subscribers max. and 5 slots

COMpact 5500R

Fully modular, expandable VoIP device for 19" racks with up to 32 channels to service provider and 112 subscribers

COMtrexx® Business

Large ICT all-rounder with traditional interfaces up to 150 users

COMtrexx® Advanced

Ultimate performance COMtrexx Appliance 

COMtrexx® VM

Hardware independent soft PBX solution with up to 250 users and up to 250 parallel calls per system

Top Sellers

Sales Configurator (SC)

- the easy way to the right system

Customer requirements for communication solutions are constantly increasing and with them the complexity and scalability of ITC systems. Project planning therefore takes up more and more time. Here, the free Sales Configurator offers a simple and fast solution. It gives you the opportunity to efficiently plan communication solutions and create project planning proposals.

Sales Configurator (SC)