COMfortel® D-Stick EZC-5200BS

Bluetooth extension for the COMfortel® D-400

Upgrade the functionality of your phone

Connect a Bluetooth headset to your COMfortel D-400.

Easy setup via the phone

Supports Bluetooth v4.2

Your advantages in detail

The COMfortel® D-Stick EZC-5200BS is the Bluetooth extension for your existing COMfortel® D-400. The extension with Bluetooth v4.2 allows various Bluetooth headsets available on the market to be connected to the COMfortel® D-400.

Using a headset gives you more freedom of movement at the workplace. Gain greater flexibility at your desk and have the chance to concentrate fully on your conversation.
In addition, you can move your head and hands freely and thus avoid painful poor posture as well as permanent postural damage.

Features & technical data

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Performance Characteristics

  • Supports Bluetooth v4.2
  • Compatible with Bluetooth v1.2, v2.x+
  • Plug and Play1
  • Supports Bluetooth for class1 and class2 power level transmissions
1 One-time reboot required for initial set-up



Power supply

via USB

Power consumption

5 W max.

Casing material

plastic, white

Dimensions (w x h x d)

20 mm x 10 mm x 36 mm


approx. 6 g



Delivery Scope

  • Bluetooth extension COMfortel® D-Stick EZC-5200BS

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