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Agencies and law firms

Telecommunication solutions for agencies and law firms – Legal firm

Justly valued by legal firms when it comes to technology

Employees: 6

"We sometimes wonder how we actually managed to organise work in the law firm before we had the COMpact 5200R installed last year. The first good news was that we could continue to use our existing analogue lines. One point to the new PBX. The 'automatic switchboard' that connects every client directly to the right contact is also particularly useful. And, with the connection of our software to the PBX via PBX Call Assist, we were able to kill several birds with one stone: information on the current situation is provided during client calls and is also supported in reporting. The data collected from every telephone call includes the call charge as well as the duration of the call, and we can now simply assign this to each client – this is literally a valuable basis for accounting."

Sven v. D.
Law Firm Partner

Telecommunication solutions for agencies and law firms – Tax consultant

Why we advise the tax advisers

Employees: 5

It might be surprising to many people, but callbacks and telephone consultations make up a large proportion of our work as tax consultants. When looking for a new PBX, I settled on a COMpact 4000 from FONtevo – it covers everything we could possibly have imagined: we wanted to keep the telephone connection and all digital peripherals, to integrate our customer database and a couple of additional convenience functions that make work easier for me and my employees, e.g. having all current data for a client displayed on the monitor as soon as they call. Think about the time saved simply by selecting a number with the click of the mouse. On the other hand, we use VoIP for the integration of external extensions. It is currently being used for the home office of a colleague who is working from home due to a new addition to the family. I also use the IP telephone in my home office and use it to connect directly with the systems in the office via the internet and a so-called VPN tunnel. For the phones, we have various models from the COMfortel range, one of which, the COMfortel 1400 IP, is an IP telephone. If the doorbell rings, it displays the camera image from the entrance. This means you can prepare if someone there wants to speak straight away.

Patrick B.
Independent Auditor and Tax Consultant

Telecommunication solutions for agencies and law firms – Insurance agency

Technology that quickly pays for itself for insurance and financial service providers

Employees: 12

"I was aware of the theory behind the fact that good office organisation is only half the story of course but to what extent the installation of an ICT system would bring us closer to this goal remained to be proven. We were impressed with the COMpact 4000 immediately, and not just because it always looks for the most economical dialling code automatically – even for mobile telephone calls when on the road. For us, it was important to be able to call customers via Outlook with a single mouse click for example. As was the ability to operate door intercoms through the telephone. This not only works through the COMfortel 1600, which all workstations are equipped with, but my cordless telephone COMfortel M-720 can do this as well. All-in-all, the system has proved to be beneficial: our customers are connected directly to the desired contact by the 'automatic reception' and the call charges for all calls are recorded in our accounting systems. Furthermore, because the system is connected to our database, in addition to seeing which client is currently calling, their business data is also shown on the monitor immediately. I find the 'PBX Manager' particularly useful – it is an app I can use from home on my smartphone to see who has tried to contact me or sent me a fax."

Petra S.
Agency Partner

Telecommunication solutions for agencies and law firms – Advertising agency

Designed for agencies undergoing dynamic change

Employees: 30

"As we're still a young agency, we have experienced enormous growth over the last three years – at one time we had a team of just 8, but now we have 30 employees, making purchasing a PBX all the more urgent. However, we wanted to transfer over our existing analogue desk telephones and DECT handsets and a switchover to VoIP was also on our wish list too. The specialised dealer suggested the new COMpact 5500R from FONtevo because VoIP is integrated in the system from the outset since our provider will soon be cutting the current connection. To begin with, every employee was assigned a personal voice mailbox and fax box. Three additional COMfortel 1400 IP telephones and a COMfortel 2600 IP for the reception mean that we now feel very well equipped. As an aside, all four new telephones can also operate the video intercom through their colour touchscreens. Last but not least, I have also recently been able to access the PBX remotely: thanks to the 'PBX Manager' app, I can see on my iPhone if a caller has tried to contact me or has left a message. The ability to activate the call forwarding using my mobile telephone when already travelling is absolutely inspired. This is one thing in particular that I frequently forget to do in the agency."

Marcus F.
Managing Director