Which security-relevant settings should I check in my ICT system for control purposes?

Recommended action for systems possibly affected by hacker attacks:

  1. Deactivate all port forwarding to the ICT system!
  2. Check the log and make sure that the logins are traceable
  3. Change the username, PIN and admin password
  4. Check whether there are newly created sub-admins, users, participants or groups and change the passwords
  5. Change passwords for public VoIP providers
  6. Check call deflection


Check the following points for all profiles and properties (users, participants, groups, etc.):

  1. Check the dialling privileges
  2. Check parallel call
  3. Check call deflections
  4. Check voicemail boxes, check activation of remote control and change PINs
  5. Check the deputy functions of the voicemail boxes and the registered destinations
  6. Check Follow-Me settings


Check other configurations:

  1. Check whether remote access by telephone (switching functions remotely by telephone) is active. Change PINs or, if unused, switch them off
  2. Check automatic reception, check activation and registered destinations
  3. Check FMC/call through functions, check users and dialling privileges
  4. Check entries in the IP release list


When using Auerswald IP system telephones with integrated voicemail:

  1. Check the access data, change the password
  2. Check the destinations for call deflections
  3. Check the voicemail boxes, check activation of remote control and change PINs