Which SD cards does Auerswald recommend for the COMmander VMF module in the COMmander Basic.2, COMmander Business or COMmander 6000/R/RX?

The following SD cards were tested and released for the COMmander VMF module:


Producer Capacity Type description
High-quality SD cards in the consumer class
SanDisk4 GBUltra 4.0 GB 15 R MB/s, 7W MB/s Class 6
Typ: SDSDAB-004G
Transcend4 GBPremium 4GB 133X SDHC Class 10
SD cards of the industry class
ATP Electronic, Inc.4 GBIndustrial Grade SD/SDHC
CACTUS Technologies4 GBIndustrial Grade SD Card
Typ: KS4GRT-806
CACTUS Technologies8 GBIndustrial Grade SD Card
Typ: KS8GRT-806
Swissbit4 GBS-210 Series SDHC Memory Card - Class 6
Typ: SFSD4096LvBN2SA-t-dd-111-STD