Mounting guidelines COMfortel M-Series base stations

When installing DECT base stations, the following must be taken into account: 
Always mount base stations on interior walls for radio coverage within the building.
The optimum mounting height of a base station is between 1.8 and 3 m, depending on the room height. If you mount the base stations lower, interference from furniture or moving objects may occur. A minimum distance of 0.50 m from the ceiling should be maintained.
It is recommended that all base stations be mounted at the same height.
Do not mount the base station in false ceilings, cupboards or other enclosed fixtures. Depending on the materials used, this can significantly reduce radio coverage.
The base station should be mounted vertically.
The location and orientation of the installed base station should be identical to the position considered optimal for measurement.
Avoid the immediate vicinity of cable ducts, metal cabinets and other large metal parts. These can reduce radiation and introduce interference signals. You should keep a minimum distance of 50 cm.