How do I use remote configuration via Auerswald Remote Access (ARA)?


Preparing the PBX for Remote Access

  • Activate "Enable dealer access via internet" in "Settings -> Remote Configuration" on the PBX.
  • If using method 2 you also have to define a remote switching number as well as an external PIN.

Registering the PBX in ARA

  • Go to "Registrierte TK-Anlagen" (registered PBXs)
  • Press the "+"-symbol to register a new PBX.
  • Enter at least the serial number, a name and the type of PBX of which you want to access.
  • Screenshots: ara1ara2

Activating remote access

Method 1: Activation by any internal phone

  • Tell your customer to dial the following sequence on any internal phone:  ##8 Admin-PIN | Subadmin-PIN | Benutzer-PIN * 91 # (example: ##8 471208* 91 #)
  • Click the refresh- (next to the "+"-symbol) and then the "Verbinden" (connect)-button in ARA.

Method 2: Activation by the dealer from a distance

  • Dial the previously configured remote switching number from any external phone.
  • After the switching tone enter the following sequence: ##8 external PIN * 91 # (example: ##8 471108* 91 #)
  • Click the refresh- (next to the "+"-symbol) and then the "Verbinden" (connect)-button in ARA.

Data privacy

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