How do I use my answering machine in COMfortel 2500 AB?

Required settings in COMfortel Set to operate a simple answering machine

The software COMfortel Set can be found on the Auerswald Mega Disk or in the download area on the Auerswald website.
To use the simple answering machine function of COMfortel Voicemail in the telephones COMfortel 2500 or COMfortel 2500 AB, no time control is activated. The answering machine is only switched on or off via the softkey at the bottom right of the display.

In the menu Automatic you select a call acceptance type under External Calls in the first line of the table (in the example: announcement and recording). The selection is displayed when you double-click in the field. After the greetings have been synchronized with the SD card, you can enter your desired greeting in the Greetings column. After double-clicking in the field you can select the corresponding greeting from a list (here: HOUSE.WAV).

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