How can I perform logging on a COMtrexx with the network analysis tool Wireshark?

Note: If logs of a COMtrexx are required for diagnostic purposes by the support, you will receive a cfc file that enables the recording of certain system processes.


Setting up Wireshark logging in the COMtrexx


  1. Import the cfc file under Administration > Service > Logging > Import.
  2. Activate the logging under Logging activated.
  3. Select Logging system > PCAP format (wireshark).
  4. Save the changes.
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Performing Wireshark logging

  1. Open the Run dialogue (Windows + R).
  2. Start Wireshark with the following command wireshark.exe -i TCP@IP_PBX:42231
    example wireshark.exe -i TCP@

Wireshark starts with a new user interface

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Note: To limit the file size for a longer recording, the maximum size of the files can be set in the recording options.

  1. Open the recording options under Recording > Options > Export.
  2. Configure the destination folder and file name for the recording under Open.
  3. Activate the file size limitation under Automatically create a new file... > after > 20Megabyte.
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Numbering and date/time are then appended to the file names: COMtrexx-Log_00001_20220404103804, COMtrexx-Log_00002_20220404104014