Now available – COMfortel SoftPhone

Soft client for voice & message simplifies mobile working!

The modern office is changing. While the pandemic may end, remote work will not. 80% of employees still want to work from the comfort of their home office. How can the COMtrexx ecosystem utilize the power of this new workplace to amplify our users’ productivity and growth?

We answer this question with a revolutionary product: the COMfortel SoftPhone. This latest attachment to the Auerswald ecosystem – a powerful, progressive soft client for voice & messaging – not only centralizes and simplifies working, but does so independent of location, device, or platform. Additionally, our users can avoid the pitfalls of new platforms – with the highest IT security and simplest commissioning without VPN connection.

Excited to try it out? Good. With COMtrexx update 1.6, you’ll automatically get it for a whole year free of charge with the full range of functions!*

Highlights of the COMfortel SoftPhone:

  • Softphone and instant messaging in one client
  • Safe connections to COMtrexx via cloud service
  • Push notification service for smartphones
  • Auto provisioning for easy and quick configuration

Software updates:

COMtrexx® Advanced  COMtrexx® Business  COMtrexx® VM

Download COMfortel SoftPhone Apps for Windows, Android and iOS here.

*COMfortel SoftPhone is free of charge for a limited time period. For permanent use, please contact your dealer or system partner.

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