New - Release COMtrexx® Software 1.4.10

New software for the COMtrexx® VM, COMtrexx® Business and COMtrexx® Advanced

What does the new update offer?

In addition to important security updates, which we strongly recommend, COMtrexx 1.4.10 also provides various bug fixes as well as improvements.

Please note:

Version 1.4.10 is mandatory for updates to later versions. If you already have updated to version 1.4.7, you will need a special firmware file. In this case, contact our support.

After the update to version 1.4.10, a downdate to an older version is no longer possible in the usual way. If a downdate is nevertheless necessary, please contact our support.


  • Mutual SSL Authentication

From now on, the ICT system allows the activation of a mutual SSL authentication. This means that not only the ICT system checks the registrar's certificate, but also the registrar checks a certificate transmitted by the ICT system.

  • Shorter update intervals:

From now on, it is possible to set shorter intervals for carrying out updates. You can find this under: Administration > Maintenance > Update and Restart > Firmware update via update server > Firmware update, regular.

Bug fixes:

Various bug fixes and error corrections have been made.


Download: COMtrexx® Advanced  COMtrexx® Business  COMtrexx® VM

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