New - Firmware Update 8.4

New update for COMmander 6000 / 6000R / 6000RX, COMpact 5500R / 5200 / 5200R / 5000 / 5000R / 4000

What does the new update offer?

In addition to various security updates and bug fixes, the new update also includes the following new features:

  • COMfortel SoftPhone
    With firmware version 8.4, the COMfortel SoftPhone can be operated on the COMpact 4000/5200/5200R/5500R ICT systems.
  • Forwarding destination
    For data protection reasons, the forwarding destination is no longer displayed to a called subscriber by default.
  • SIP Options for Interval for NAT-Keep-Alive
    Setting for non-registered connections between VoIP provider and PBX for re-registration.
  • TSP client
    When a TSP client logs on successfully for the first time, the IP address or URL of the device is automatically entered in the PBX.

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