New - Firmware Update 8.2B

New update for COMmander 6000 / 6000R / 6000RX, COMpact 5500R / 5200 / 5200R / 5000 / 5000R / 4000

What does the new update offer?

In addition to important security updates and bug fixes, the new release also has first-class new features to offer that you should not miss.

Important security updates:

Firmware Update 8.2B contains important security updates that you should definitely apply, even if you don't need the advanced features.

Recommendation: In addition to installing this update, you should also deactivate direct access from the Internet to the web interface (via port forwarding in the router) for security reasons. Instead, use the Auerswald Remote Access or VPN to access remote ICT systems via the Internet.

New features:

  • Enhancement of the max. number of on-hold positions (call parking) from 10 to 30 positions (available by voucher via the shop).
  • If the max. number of internal VoIP call channels is exceeded (subscriber hears a busy signal), the administrator is informed by e-mail. This information can also be viewed by the administrator via the system messages.

Bug fixes:

Various bug fixes and error corrections have been made.

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