New – Release COMtrexx software 2.0.0

New software for COMtrexx VM, COMtrexx Business and COMtrexx Advanced

The new version provides new functions for the COMfortel D-Series as well as various improvements.

New functions*

  • Display contact picture:
    For incoming calls, the contact pictures of the callers stored on the COMtrexx can now be displayed on a COMfortel D-Series telephone (COMfortel D-400/D-600 from firmware version 2.6B).
  • Call number dependent ring tones:
    On telephones that can process the transmitted information (telephones of the COMfortel D-Series from firmware version 2.6B), it is now possible to distinguish not only the call types but also the calling or called numbers on the basis of the ring tones.



  • Presence status:
    In addition to the BLF status, the COMtrexx now also sends the presence status of the users, so that, for example, an extended status display is made possible with telephones of the COMfortel D-Series.
  • Remote backup:
    Display of the last and next backup for set periodic backups.
  • InterCom:
    Initiating via a one-touch key on a COMfortel D-Series telephone has been improved.


* Important: The new functions are only available for COMtrexx systems with feature level 3 or higher. If you would like to use the function, please contact your specialist dealer or system partner.

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