New – Release COMtrexx Software 1.6.12

New software for COMtrexx VM, COMtrexx Business and COMtrexx Advanced

Please note:

For the update to version 1.6.0 or higher, version 1.4.10 is mandatory. After updating to version 1.4.10 or higher, it is no longer possible to revert to a software earlier than 1.4.10 (downgrade). After updating to version 1.6.3 or higher, it is no longer possible to roll back to a software lower than 1.6.3 (downgrade). Should this become necessary, please contact our support team.

The following errors, among others, have been corrected:

  • COMfortel SoftPhone:
    For the connection to the proxy server, changing ports were used instead of the set port. Now the set value + 1 is always used.
  • Telephony:
    If there are several simultaneous calls, the voice quality could be disturbed under certain circumstances.


Download: COMtrexx® Advanced  COMtrexx® Business  COMtrexx® VM

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