New – Release COMtrexx Software 1.10.2

New Software for COMtrexx VM, COMtrexx Business and COMtrexx Advanced

The new version includes the new remote backup function and various optimisations.


Version 1.4.10 is required for an update to version 1.6.0 or higher. After the update to version 1.4.10 or higher, saving a firmware lower than 1.4.10 (downgrade) is no longer possible. After the update to version 1.6.3 or higher, saving a firmware lower than 1.6.3 (downgrade) is no longer possible. If it is necessary, please contact our Support.

Only COMtrexx VM: Updating to version 1.8.2 or higher may improve the audio quality. In order for the necessary changes to take effect, a double reboot must be carried out once after the update (usual reboot after the update plus additional reboot).

New function*

  • Remote backup:
    A backup can now be saved password-protected on your own or an Auerswald server and also restored from it.


  • COMfortel SoftPhone:
    Calls with COMfortel SoftPhone can be transferred via one-man transfer.
  • Internationalisation:
    The handling of international character sets has been improved.
  • Provider settings:
    Additional settings have been added to prevent connection problems with various providers.
  • Provisioning:
    Improved provisioning of connected terminals.
  • Telephoning:
    When dialling a number without an area code, the location of the telephone (if set) or alternatively the location of the user is now dialled in advance. The location of the system is only used here if no other location can be determined.
  • E-mail dispatch:
    With longer voicemail messages, sending e-mails with attachments in MP3 format did not work under certain circumstances.

* Important: The new function is only available for COMtrexx systems with feature level 2 or higher. If you would like to use the function, please contact your specialist dealer or system partner.

Download: COMtrexx Advanced    COMtrexx Business    COMtrexx VM

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