New – Firmware update 8.4F

New update for COMmander 6000 / 6000R / 6000RX, COMpact 5500R / 5200 / 5200R / 5000 / 5000R / 4000

The new version supports PBX Call Assist 5 and contains various optimisations and improvements, e.g.

  • Logging in:
    Improved/corrected handling of incorrect logins from VoIP subscribers.
  • ISDN Telephones:
    Under certain circumstances (direct exchange line phone with system-wide automatic exchange line request), a function key for subscriber call forwarding did not work correctly.
  • Telephoning:
    Sporadically, no connection could be established with analogue telephones.
  • Web interface:
    Subscriber (scr.) > COMfortel WS-500X > COMfortel WS-500X Handsets > IPUI: IPUIs entered subsequently were not retained when the configuration was regenerated.
    Subscriber (scr.) > IP provisioning > File management > ws500x_template: The default template for the base station was not displayed for the PBXs COMpact 4000/5200/5500.

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