New – Firmware update 2.8 for the COMfortel D-Series

New update for COMfortel D-100 / 110 / 200 / 210 / 400 / 600

With the new release, various new functions and improvements are available.

New functions

  • Google account:
    The phone now supports synchronisation with the contact data of a Google account.
  • Boss-secretary function:
    New functions are available for the function keys. These support the configuration of the phones as boss phone (silent ringing) and secretary phone (automatic opening of the pickup list).
  • Cleaning:
    The phone is put into cleaning mode for 60 seconds. This prevents accidental dialling or activation of functions. During this time, the phone is in do not disturb mode.


  • Support alarm server (alarm/messaging):
    The phones are now able to play back a received audio stream in hands-free mode or during a call. In addition to text information, images can now also be added to the alarm message via the XML browser. Furthermore, the phones are now able to send pings to a server with extended information.
  • Call history:
    The logging of calls can now be set depending on the call type.


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