COMuniq Voice

Benefit from individual cloud services as an upgrade for existing IP telephone systems. SIP trunk, FMC Connect, e-Fax and Meeting 25 stand alone. Can be booked flexibly.

Optimise your existing systems with smart services from the cloud

High reliability from the availability of cloud technologies

Scalable IP communication, flexibly customisable - without contract term

Your advantages in detail

With COMuniq Voice, Auerswald's SIP trunk, you get a reliable All IP telephone connection for existing IP telephone systems. With maximum flexibility, the conversation channels can be adjusted at any time as required. Thanks to the fixed network or all-net flat rate option, you always have your costs under control. So, COMuniq Voice represents the ideal solution for distributed locations and teams. In addition, the following add-ons can be booked:

  • FMC Connect: With the optionally bookable add-on Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC Connect), mobile employees are integrated into your communication environment via their smartphone. Smartphone with its own SIM card from Auerswald and telephone system act as a unit.
  • e-Fax IN / e-Fax OUT: Available as a separate service with its own channel. Redirect your incoming faxes to an e-mail address as a PDF. Send your faxes via our operator or conveniently by e-mail.
  • Meeting 25 standalone: Mobile work and virtual workplaces are now an integral part of modern business communication. With Meeting 25 you can easily start video conferences with up to 25 participants. Without external software or downloads Meeting 25 is available directly from the browser. Reduce your travel expenses, protect the environment and go easy on your budget.

Features & technical data

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SIP trunk functions

  • Channels and add-on options can be purchased at any time and, if necessary, canceled at the end of the month.
  • Landline flat or allnet flatrate available1
  • Best voice quality - thanks to high-end VoIP platform
  • Blocking calls for various destinations (e.g. abroad, information, chargeable services).
  • Flexible caller identification (Clip no Screening)
  • Voicemail box including E-Mail notification.
  • Failover (call forwarding) for unregistered SIP trunk configurable for each individual extension.
  •   Security by entering the IP address of the internet access used (white list).  

FMC Connect

  • Use your mobile device as a landline
  • Multiple phone numbers on one SIM card
  • SMS-Flatrate
  • Data flat
  • SMS to e-Mail

e-Fax functions

  • Sending incoming faxes as a PDF to an e-mail address2
  • Upload documents via the WEB portal and send them by fax2
  • Send documents by email to a server and send them automatically by fax2

Meeting 25 Stand alone

  • Online video conference via browser
  • Dial-in by telephone possible3
  • Chat function
  • Screen sharing and file transfer are supported
1 Allnet flatrate contains calls within German landline and German mobile network
2 Chargeable add-on option
3 May cause additional costs

Delivery Scope

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